SHAMS Free zone is located in Sharjah state, Most nearest Emirate to Dubai and Ajman Free Zone, Its name is the Sharjah Media City Free Zone. Offer all types of Activities as demanded by investors for setting up their business in Sharjah, UAE.  Most of the Famous activities are included trading, professional services, holding, and other major and minor business activities.

Company registration can be done fully remotely in Shams Media Free Zone, no matter if you are in available in UAE or Outside/abroad, Shams take one week’s time for Company Registration in Shams Free Zone, requirements also very simple like Passport copy plus some personal details such a phone number and email, etc.

Also, Shams Free Zone offers business packages for youngest age must be the age of 19, investor or shareholders for company formation in freezone. The company also can hire employees as 18 years old, which is also quite unusual in comparison to other UAE Free Zones.

sharjah media city freezone shams
Shams Free zone

Most Flexible system in Shams for visas allocation. Company eligible from zero visas to 6 visas shams visa packages for very reasonable costs. And visa allocation can be upgrade package at any time even between any parts of the year.

Shams Media Free Zone company renewal can be done completely remotely. Annual Audit reports are not required by the authority. All the documents of the companies are totally accessible electronically; you can print them out anywhere and may not worry about losing the originals. Want to verify your document through the online shams website provides an authentication system.

Company Formation in Sharjah Media City Free Zone (SHAMS) Benefits/ Advantages

Sharjah Media City Free Zone (Shams) Trade License Activities:

  • Company setup options starting from (Dhs. 11,500)
  • 100% foreign ownership
  • 100% repatriation of capital and profits
  • 100% free transfer of funds
  • 0% import and export duties
  • 0% Corporate tax for 50 years
  • 0% corporate or personal income tax
  • Physical presence in the UAE is not required for incorporating your new company
  • No need for NOC to start your own company
  • No paid-up Share Capital or Annual Audit
  • The quick and simple online registration process
  • Deposits are not required by Shams
  • Inexpensive workforce and easy recruitment procedures
  • Vast activities covering Services, trading and Industrial licenses with multiple visas
  • All documentation issued in 2 days

Sharjah Media City Free Zone License is a permit that allows a company to operate within Shams Area, Sharjah Media City for specified activities. There are multiple types of license find below:

Service License Advantages
It allows for production, reproduction, transformation, and distribution of services. Service license includes rending services as a primary objective and utilizing goods to render a service.

Trading License Advantages
Selling goods within Shams or importing and exporting goods. Trade license includes the import and export of goods, wholesale and retail sale of goods and the rendering of services related to the sale of these goods. Wholesaling and retailing are the final steps in the distribution of goods.
Trading License can Production, reproduction, transformation, and manufacturing of goods.

Package Details – Services / Consultancy and General Trading License
Sharjah Media City Freezone Visa Quota and License package cost.

Activity Type 1: Services / Consultancy License starts with Dhs. 11,500 (No visa package)
Activity Type 2: General Trading License: Dhs. 16,500 (No Visa package)

New & Renewal Fee in AED

Visa QuotaServices/ Consultancy LicenseGeneral Trading License
0 Visa1150016500
1 Visa1660021600
2 Visa1820023200
3 Visa1980024800
4 Visa2140026400
5 Visa2300028000
6 Visa2460029600

Shams Free zone Immigration Card & Visa Cost

Immigration Card (3 Years) CostAED 1,500
Visa cost (3 years) + Medical Fee + Emirates id CostAED 3,500
Additional allocation of visasAED 1,600
Shams Free zone Immigration Card Visa Cost

Ajman Business Setup Provides Assistance in Ajman Mainland and Ajman Free zone Company Formation

Ajman Business Setup is a certified Agent for Company Formation in Shams (Sharjah Media City  Freezone Authority) and we can assist for Setup Company without any hassle to the investors. Due to new Freezone Shams designed many business setup packages as per UAE business-men and Worldwide demanded.