Located adjacent to Dubai International Airport, one of the fastest-growing airports in the world, this is an ideal destination for businesses that require rapid access to markets for high value, low volume cargoes. DAFZA is established and fully owned by the Dubai government and is one of the most premium Free Zones where investors can be part of the high-profile business sectors.

dubai airport freezone company formation
dubai airport free zone dafz

DAFZA Free Zone Business Setup

Benefits of Setting up Business in DAFZA

  •  100% repatriation of capital & profits:
  •  100% foreign owned enterprise:
  •  100% Corporate, personal income tax (As per Government Applicable ):
  •  On-site customs inspection:
  •  Exemption of import & export taxes:
  •  Abundant & affordable energy:
  •  One-stop-shop administration services:
  •  Cheap labor & easy recruitment procedures:
  •  Easy accessibility to Dubai Airport Free zone building and offices within:
  •  Strategic location in the heart of Dubai and neighboring Dubai International    Airport,
  •  which provides unrivaled access to 24-hour logistics services. Companies in      the Free zone can work 24 hours a day:
  •  Flexible space design with state-of-the-art communication facilities:
  •  1,600 companies, from across the globe and covering a vast number of key industry sectors, including aviation, freight & logistics,:
  •  One of the big advantages of setting up a company in DAFZA is that it allows 100%  foreign ownership. You don’t need a Local ( UAE ) Partner to form a company at DAFZA.

Following industries, you can set up in DAFZA Activities List

We cover all the following industries, even if your industry not in list you can consult with us we can help you setup.Not Sure? Let’s help you

  • Accounting & Auditing Firm
  • Agriculture & Fishing
  • Cargo & Freight-forwarding
  • Construction / Contracting
  • Consulting
  • Technical Services
  • E-commerce
  • Educational Institution
  • Events Organizing
  • Financial Institution
  • General Trading
  • Tourism & Hospitality
  • Health Care
  • Insurance
  • Law Firm
  • Manufacturing
  • Media & Entertainment
  • Money Exchange
  • NGO
  • Non-profit
  • Oil & Gas
  • Real Estate
  • Other

Business Setup Requirements & Procedure
Documents Required for Dubai Airport Free Zone Company Registration:

  1. Application form (we Prepare )
  2. Letter of Intent (we Prepare)
  3. Your existing company brochure (if available)
  4. Copy of the manager’s passport and his CV
  5. Copy of shareholder(s)’ passport and CV
  6. Annual financial report or shareholder(s)’ 6-month bank statement for the shareholder not applicable for new registration
  7. No Objection Letter by the current sponsor for the manager (if a resident of UAE and a UAE employment visa-holder)
  8. Original (not a copy) a bank reference letter (for each shareholder)

Initial approval(s) from the third-party authority(s) in case your business activates required such approvals, e.g., media, IT, pharmaceutical

Additional Documents Required for a Corporate Shareholder and for Branch:

  1. Attested and notarized Memorandum of Association/Article of Association. It must be attested from the UAE Embassy at the place of origin.
    Certificate of registration (if applicable) for your existing company or entity, license. Or certificate of incorporation of your existing company or entity attested. And notarized by the UAE Embassy
  2. Board resolution to be resolute by the board of directors for your existing company/entity at the place of origin. Expressing the intent of establishing a new setup abroad. It must be attested and notarized by the UAE Embassy (template will be forwarded by our firm)
  3. When all the above is complete. Your business license will then be issued along with the share capital certificate if the capital is paid in full.
    The procedure of processing your business setup in DAFZA will range from 2 to 4 weeks.

Business Setup Cost in DAFZA (Dubai Airport Free Zone (DAFZ)

DAFZA is one of the leading free zones in Dubai and offers various advantages such as infrastructure, reasonable costs, and connectivity to individuals seeking to set up a business in Dubai. ABS Management Consultancy has a team of experienced consultants that can assist during the process of business setup in DAFZA (Dubai Airport Free Zone Authorities). The below fee table represents an estimation of the costs associated with setting up a business in DAFZA. Please do not hesitate to contact us for further information on company formation as per your requirements.

Cost for Business setup in Dubai Airport Free Zone Authority (DAFZA)

Business Registration and LicensingFees
Registration FeeAED 20,000.00
Knowledge Fee & Innovation FeeAED 20.00
Cost by Trade Licence Type (Select one of the following)
Commercial License FeeAED 15,000.00
Trading License FeeAED 15,000.00
Service License FeeAED 15,000.00
General Trading License FeeAED 40,000.00
Industrial License FeeAED 15,000.00
Local Branch Company Registration (Starting from)AED 15,000.00
Foreign Branch Company Registration (Starting from)AED 15,000.00
Additional Fees for Business Registration
Establishment Card IssuanceAED 650.00
Chamber of Commerce FeesAED 2,200.00
Visa Processing
Bank Guarantee / Employee Visa deposit45 days of basic salary + one-way ticket
Employment / Residence Visa (Select one of the following)
Employment / Residence Visa – In CountryAED 5,010.00
Employment / Residence Visa – Out of the CountryAED 3,510.00

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Termination / Winding Up / Closing Down of DAFZA Company

The documents and procedure required for the closing of DAFZA company is as follows:-

  1. Notification
  2. Appointment of liquidator
  3. Board Resolution
  4. Clearance letters: NOCs from Etisalat, Customs
  5. The bank account shall be done by Authorized Signatory
  6. Newspaper Publication
  7. Closing Audited Balance Sheet
  8. Visa cancellation

Termination / Liquidation Fee for DAFZA Company

DAFZA Liquidation fee6,520
Attested Board Resolution for Liquidation1,520
Newspaper publication both English & Arabic1,500
Port and customs NOC250